Learner Charter

The Charter is reviewed on an annual basis and performance is monitored against key Charter statements.

Before you start your course of study at the College we will:

  • Make information, advice and guidance available to you, in person, by phone or post free of charge at Student Services


  • Ensure that trainers are up to date with the required skills


  • Undertake a Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) or currently DBS for all employees


  • Make Prospectus available from the DIVAD TRAINING LIMITED to the local secondary schools, libraries and local careers offices


  • Have a detailed course information leaflet available for every full-time course we publicise


  • Provide you with clear, timely and accurate information about any costs you are likely to incur at any stage during your study at College


  • Make available information about pass rates and destinations of students completing full-time courses


  • Carry out and publish an annual report detailing performance against the key company Charter standards


  • Be open for business for 50 weeks during any year


  • Acknowledge a written full-time application within 1 week of receipt


  • Provide specialist guidance for people requiring additional support or needs based on our Disability Statement


  • Make available our Disability Statement to you on request


  • Offer you access to impartial advice


  • Respond to queries promptly


  • Provide good customer service


  • Advise whether the programme is on funding or not


  • Provide you with information and advice about transport to and from our centres


  • Offer access to a flexible enrolment system


  • Prepare reviews regularly to be able to monitor the progress