About us



We offer a range of services to help you develop a highly skilled and productive workforce.

Our Core Services



Our success comes from understanding our clients’ needs as well as managing the risk elements of the projects to ensure a fully rounded solution offering the best overall value for your investment.

DTL specialises in work based learning. Whether you are looking to develop your skills, enhance your promotion prospects or learn the right skills to find a job, we can help you explore what training best suits your needs.

Outplacement Support

Pre-Employment Support

DTL outplacement services provide the practical and emotional specialist career coaching support that will enable an individual to navigate the competitive job market and move into appropriate new employment.

We are a leading training, recruitment and job brokerage organisation in helping the most disadvantaged to secure sustainable employment.



We help to deliver government funded 16-18 year old and 19+ apprenticeships framework in a number of areas. Read more about what we can offer. Apprenticeships provide a great way to combine work with study.

DTL will offer learners a combination of some classroom study, a work placement plus the opportunity to get a vocational qualification.

Our Method

Training is a critical part of our performance development initiatives, but it doesn’t start or end there. DTL’s 5-step approach reflects our commitment to supporting your organisation every step of the way.

As such, we us a 5-step approach to deliver the right training solution for your company. This approach ensures that you realize the best return on your training investment.

training solution

Before delivering any training programme, our subject matter experts evaluate your firm’s articulated business processes, communications issues or competency gaps to affirm training goals are correctly stated, that inputs and outputs are measurable; and, that the resulted solution will deliver the expected corporate benefit.

This process can and has helped organisations redefine their mission and vision statements, bring clarity to their brand experience, clearly define job roles and responsibilities, and create employee incentives for increased engagement. These aspects of a business are foundational and need to be clearly articulated before any training is developed. With our experience and knowledge, we can help you to develop and refine all of these.